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Secure file exchange

Secure file exchange via Internet has become a standard task for which various departments in almost every company need a secure and easy solution for. A few years ago the common solution was either the exchange of a storage medium (such as CDs, DVDs or USB-Sticks) or the use of a FTP server. Nowadays, most companies rely on better FTP alternatives: Secure Managed File Transfer solutions
TeamBeam classifies as a secure solution for business data exchange because it meets the following requirements:
Encrypted file transfer: All data is transferred in encrypted form so that it is useless for potential attackers.
Encrypted data storage: All data is stored on encrypted hard disks on high security servers located in Germany. TeamBeam uses the AES-XTS-Plain64 cipher with a key size of 256 bits. All data is stored in a segmented form . This makes it useless to potential attackers, even in the unlikely event of a hardware theft.
Data segmentation: All data is stored in segmented form which makes the files useless for potential attackers.

With TeamBeam you can easily implement a secure and reliable Managed File Transfer solution. We will gladly provide you with a free test environment. Just contact us by clicking on the link below.

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