Frequently asked questions about secure file transfer with TeamBeam

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TeamBeam provides maximum protection for data transfers and data storage.

Our data transfer solution for companies is significantly more secure than FTP, e-mail and some of the Cloud services available on the market. All data is transferred in encrypted format and stored on Servers located in Germany, in compliance with the General data protection regulation (GDPR). For enhanced security, transfers can be protected with a password.

How does TeamBeam handle the temporary storage of transferred data?

All data is securely stored on encrypted hard disks. Data is encrypted using the AES-XTS-Plain64 cipher with a key size of 256 bits. Skalio always uses dedicated servers, to which only Skalio employees have access.

What are the precise details of the encryption method used for TeamBeam data transfers?

TeamBeam uses SSL encryption (AES 256 bit or equivalent) for transfers in either direction (upload + download). The data is securely transferred via HTTPS. The SSL/TLS configuration received an A-rating from the SSL Labs: The TeamBeam mail server supports the TLS protocol so that e-mails are also encrypted as long as the receiving mail server supports TLS.

How do you prevent unauthorised access to my data transfers?

As soon as a transfer is successfully uploaded, an e-mail notification is sent to every recipient. The notification mail contains a specific URL, at which the transfer can be downloaded. The link consists of a long combination of letters and digits, which is impossible to guess. For enhanced security, the transfer can be protected with a password, in which case the files can only be downloaded after the correct password has been entered. Passwords are always transmitted in encrypted form.

How do you ensure that my individual login / password combination is safe?

When registering for a TeamBeam account, users choose their own password. In addition to this, TeamBeam also supports customised password guidelines. Passwords will always be stored in an encrypted form. If it is necessary to reset a password, a user can request a temporary recover link to do so. Only administrators can assign a new e-mail address to an existing user.

Virus protection

For added security, every product variant can be enhanced with a cost-effective malware protection program. If this option is installed, every transfer is automatically scanned for malware. Infected transfers are clearly marked, and a notification e-mail informs both the sender and the recipient about the infected file(s).

General information:

TeamBeam offers many convenient features but still remains easy to operate. To make TeamBeam suitable for every need, users can choose between a Java Webstart Client or their browser to transfer large data.

What distinguishes the Java Web Start Client from the browser-based solution?

The Java Webstart Client supports additional features such as an import function for local address books (Outlook, Mac Mail) or a resume upload function which deals with connection issues automatically and continues interrupted transfers as soon as the network becomes available again. The Client requires Java, whereas the browser-based solution has no special requirements. Receiving files via TeamBeam only requires a browser, it is not necessary that Java is installed on the recipient´s computer.

Can I rely on the availability of the service?

Absolutely - we guarantee a 99% availability level for all TeamBeam servers. In order to ensure this, TeamBeam is run exclusively on high-performance servers from a German data centre operator. The many redundant internet connections to the largest German internet exchange, DE-CIX, as well as a direct connection to the Telekom ensure smooth operation of the TeamBeam Service all the time.

How quickly can I transfer data using TeamBeam?

TeamBeam uses the maximum transmission rate available at your business premises. If, for example, your upstream rate is 1024 kBit/s, transferring a 50 MB file will be done in 8 to 9 minutes. If neccessary, the upload rate can be capped in the TeamBeam settings.

We employ several external agencies, is it possible to integrate them into our workflow?

Yes, absolutely. You can add new users to your TeamBeam using a convenient administration tool.

Can I transfer several files at once?

Of course. You can also choose to transfer files successively, starting with File A and then sending file B with a few minutes delay. TeamBeam integrates seamlessly into your business processes – not the other way round.

How can I keep track of my recent transfers?

You can access all your data transfers comfortably via My.TeamBeam, your personal data portal. There you can view all sent and received data transfers and, if required, open them directly. In addition, you may extend the duration period of each transfer, forward transfers without having to upload them again or create a deeplink to directly access transfers. If the option “TeamBeam Drive” is installed, you can also save your transfers to your online hard disk for permanent storage.

What happens if the connection is interrupted during the transfer process?

This not a problem. If the connection is interrupted or disconnected, TeamBeam will automatically pause the upload without losing any data. As soon as the connection is re-established, the upload will automatically be continued at the point at which the connection was lost. There is no need to upload data twice.

How can I tell if my transfer has reached the recipient?

As soon as the recipient clicks on the download link you will receive an e-mail notification. This ensures that you are always up to date and it helps you to monitor your workflow.

What happens if a recipient does not access the files that he has received?

After a set time, a notification e-mail will inform both, sender and recipient, about the fact that the transfer has not been downloaded yet. This gives you the opportunity to send a reminder, if you wish to do so. Furthermore, you can easily extend the duration period without having to upload the files again. Should the transfer expire nevertheless, you will also be notified by e-mail.

Is it also possible to transfer files to recipients without a TeamBeam account?

Yes, absolutely. Any person who has an e-mail account can receive transfers via TeamBeam. The recipient is notified by e-mail, and this mail contains a clickable link for downloading the files that are included in the transfer.

Is there a maximum file size that TeamBeam can transfer?

TeamBeam is a solution which is especially designed for sending and receiving large files. Currently you can transfer files up to 16 TB. If you wish to transfer files exceeding 16 TB in size, please contact us.

Can I upgrade TeamBeam?

Of course! Should you require enhanced server performance (e.g. for larger transfers) or additional services such as the online hard disk TeamBeam Drive, then please don´t hesitate to contact us.

How can I remove my TeamBeam account?

If you have a free TeamBeam account, you can simply log in at and switch to Settings -> Delete TeamBeam account
If your account is managed by an administrator of your company, please get in contact with that person to have your account removed.
After your account has been deleted, all of your data is being removed and cannot be brought back.

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