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Sending and receiving large files

Exchanging large data with business partners has become a routine task in almost every company today. This includes high resolution images, videos, x-ray images, CAD data and print layouts. Sending these files as email attachments is not an option because most email servers will bounce any attachments larger than 2 MB.

Alternative solutions like FTP servers cause a lot of administrative effort and put a strain on valuable IT resources. And if internal compliance regulations require a high security level, alternatives to FTP have to be considered.

Besides data privacy and security issues a key factor for the success of a secure data transfer solution is a high user acceptance. This makes it easy for the central IT department to establish it as the standard solution. A user friendly file transfer tool prevents the employees from using free and insecure alternatives.

With TeamBeam you can easily implement a secure and reliable Managed File Transfer solution for large files. We will gladly provide you with a free test environment. Just contact us by clicking on the link below.

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